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The Siege of Bexar was the first of only two victories of the citizens of the state of Coahuila y Tejas seeking a return to Mexico's constitution. That effort failed but Santa Anna's forces were defeated at San Jacinto and the Republic of Texas was formed.

The Royal Commonwealth Society of Western Australia is a member of the Royal Commonnwealth Society representing 53 nations committed to improving the lives and prospects of Commonwealth citizens across the world.

The Cloud Family Association was formed in 1978. It welcomes and represents all descendants of a Cloud ancestor. There are numerous different families, but most descend from William Cloude who came to the American Colonies in 1682.

Fred E. Davis – Attorney & Mediator. Fred Davis is a well-known and respected Austin, Texas attorney with over 50 years experience in civil litigation, administrative law, mediation and arbitration.

SBSE Consulting. Specialized Building Services Engineers specializes in a wide range of Building Engineering, Energy Efficiency, Compliance Audits, Sustainability Concepts and Value for Money Solutions for new and refurbished buildings in Western Australia.

MyKindred.com is a site featuring select family histories and genealogies. It is a private, non-commercial site devoted to serving the family historian and genealogist. See Surnames Researched to see which families are featured there.

The Blacksmiths Index. Ann Spiro's Blacksmiths Index – a genealogical index of blacksmiths and related occupations.

The Bea Elizabeth Dalton Hoax. Unraveling the Dalton Hoax – how an Oklahoma man created a web of lies and distortions to prove his relationship to the Dalton Gang.

Accelerators, Inc. History. Accelerators manufactured one of the earliest ion implanters, necessary for high-density semiconductors.

See the Accelerators Ion Implanter history pages.

Thoughts for today:

There is a lot of difference between tempting and leading into error. God tempts but does not lead into error. To tempt is to provide opportunities for us to do certain things if we do not love God, but putting us under no necessity to do so. To lead into error is to compel a man necessarily to conclude and follow a falsehood.

Blaise Pascal, Pensées no. 821

The conduct of God who disposes all things kindly, is to put religion into the mind by reason, and into the heart by grace. But to attempt to put it into the mind and heart by force and threats is not to put religion there, but terror.

Blaise Pascal, Pensées no. 185